Security Rooms- iFortress

Security room for IT

iFortress – the turnkey solution provider for Physical IT-Security.

iFortress is a leading supplier for modular physical IT security solutions as well as scalable and modular data centre constructions with complete infrastructures.
Highest availability solutions at reasonable cost For many companies, the high availability of their information and telecommunications technology (ITC) is of increasingly crucial importance. iFortress solutions are oriented towards a comprehensive approach to security, the protection level required, and the budget available. This means that they have the best utility value for our customers. Analysis driven selection of individual options iFortress offers complete security solutions with many options and is thus oriented towards the customer and his/her demands. Ever quicker market cycles in the IT and TC industry require fast modifications and adaptations to the IT processes. There are no simple solutions, as security is not simply one dimensional – a matrix of demands, opportunities, benefits, costs and time shows the adequate solution. Customized and adaptable long-term security for your IT-infrastructure Tailor-made to correspond to your wishes and requirements, we support you in all the phases of your security policy. Thanks to our many years of xperience in IT security, you get integral and functional solutions which grow with the changing requirement of your company  and can be adapted easily.  iFortress offers you the optimum solution for your company´s data security. With intelligent innovations and individual product solutions, we can guarantee you protection which is practically limitless.  Our products have been tested and certified in accordance.


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