Data Center container-iCon

Our products designed That protect mission critical technology and preventing incident from becoming events with modular, panelized enclosures that surround and contain mission critical facilities, preventing human or environmentally caused failure by providing an uncompromised level of structural security. Our data shows that construction reduced the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over typical datacenter c construction by: Building a cost-effective, consistent and robust data center environment Reducing both capital and operating expenditures, in the short and long term; Decreasing or mitigating recovery time on high availability services and hardware Increasing operating efficiencies. Using a datacenter TCO model, our analysis shows that our datacenter realized: Construction cost reductions ranging from 60% to 65% Operational cost reductions ranging from 20% to 24% Overall cost reductions ranging from 25% to 31%” Additional cost savings for a typical 3,000 square foot iFortress: Reduced real estate expenditures by $60,000 annually; Reduced heating and cooling expenditures by $90,000 over a seven-year period Reduced construction costs by over $80,000 Reduced insurance costs by 5% to 7% annually Lease finance savings of 7% vs. capital expenditure Due to the modular construction, the affords our customers a ‘repeatable and reusable’ structure for datacenter relocation. Assembly time is only 20% then that of building a traditional datacenter.
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