Power Shield

Data enters, financial services, heavy industry,communications, transport – if you have critical services that rely on ontinuous power, you can’t afford to be
left in the dark. Manage your stand-by atteries effectively with a PowerShield battery management system and ensure eliability – minimize failure risk &
maximize life. Impedance, voltage, emperature, current. We’ll help you understand your batteries and our global resence means we’re never far away. Protect
your ower supply. Protect your customers. Protect your profits.

Battery Monitor Hardware:PowerShield Sentinel monitor with built in Ethernet adaptor.
Each Sentinel system can monitor up to 1280 individual lead-acid or Ni-Cd batteries in any voltage arrangement.The Sentinel is compatible with any UPS or battery manufacturer. Battery Management Software: PowerShield Link battery management software provides permanent and automated monitoring for all your Sentinel installations. A WindowsR based Server-Client package, Link enables multiple users to access the same data simultaneously and offers email and SMS alarm notification. Battery event and life trend report generation.
Automated alarm notification via email or SMS Continuous monitoring.

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