D.C Containment solutions

Data center containment solutions
The exclusive SEAL-TECH Attachment System provided with our Data Center Containment curtains assures rapid, non-disruptive installation. After the clear anodized aluminum mounting extrusion is installed, the curtains quickly hang in place, and are secured with a matching cap extrusion.
SEAL-TECH is the most user friendly, versatile, and clean attachment system available for Cold Aisle t Hot Aisle containment. To address fire safety concerns, UL listed fuse links with 1 35°F temperature rating are available for situations where modification of the existing fire suppression system is not feasible. Recognized as a solution to reduce energy consumption, many utility companies offer rebate programs for the installation of these containment curtains.
Going Green with cold Aisle t Hot Aisle Containment Curtains for Data Centers provides a fast, low-cost solution to better cooling, greater productivity, and significant energy savings
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