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The exclusive SEAL-TECH Attachment System provided with our Data Center Containment curtains assures rapid, non-disruptive installation. After the clear anodized aluminum mounting extrusion is installed, the curtains quickly hang in place, and are secured with a matching cap extrusion.

SEAL-TECH is the most user friendly, versatile, and clean attachment system available for Cold Aisle t Hot Aisle containment. To address fire safety concerns, UL listed fuse links with 1 35°F temperature rating are available for situations where modification of the existing fire suppression system is not feasible. Recognized as a solution to reduce energy consumption, many utility companies offer rebate programs for the installation of these containment curtains.

Going Green with cold Aisle t Hot Aisle Containment Curtains for Data Centers provides a fast, low-cost solution to better cooling, greater productivity, and significant energy savings

Data Center Cold Aisle / Hot Aisle Containment Solutions from Somet intergration with Trax Industrial Products Corporation, the industry leader in environmental and contamination control barriers, are a low cost solution for airflow management in data centers and mission critical facilities. They isolate the cold or hot aisle to significantly increase cooling efficiency and reduce both energy usage and costly downtime.
TRAX Cold Aisle / Hot Aisle Containment curtains are available in flexible strip and softwall panel formats that can be customized to meet the specific requirements of any facility, All TRAX materials, standard and ESD Safe, meet California State Fire Marshall standards. Our ESD Safe Seiden Crystal vinyl material meets ASTM E-84 NFPA Class A

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