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Reliable, predictable and repeatable backup power for your organisation doesn’t have to be complicated.
PowerHouse continuous power systems protect your critical operations every step
of the way. You spend less money, time, space and energy – requiring less involvement from your staff – all adding up to huge savings and genuine peace of mind.

PowerHouse is a modular, portable continuous power system available for rapid deployment in four standard configurations based on Active Power’s high efficiency and highly resilient architecture. The complete system is housed in a standard ISO shipping container and can be deployed in any number of locations - a roof, redundant loading bays, secure compounds or even the car park. Designed to offer a highly flexible architecture to your constantly changing environment, PowerHouse is available in a series of standard formats from 200kW up to 800kW and is constructed to be fully scalable, enabling you to expand your backup power infrastructure on demand. The pre-engineered, factory tested system is delivered as a complete and repeatable solution to your site versus a legacy component-by-component implementation. Space saving, unobtrusive and unmatched in efficiency, you can rapidly deploy PowerHouse to best accommodate site constraints, access and security. Need to relocate? This system can be disconnected, transported to a new site, and be fully operational in a matter of hours.

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