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Access floor-MERO

MERO Access Flooring which provides by Somet Integration is one of the Germany leading suppliers of raised access flooring systems.
 We supply, service and maintain the Access Floors, We also specialize in servicing and repairing existing access floor installations. The access floor is standard panels of steel, calcium sulphateand chipboard as well as steelair conditioning panels are providedwith durable floor coverings which meet the required conductivity values

Technical Details

The structure for control rooms is made completely from zinc coated steel, with under-head adjustment, and comprises the following elements:■ Support pedestal with zinc galvanization surface treatment (yellow passivated) and height adjustment, made up of:□ circular base, 100mm diameter, 2mm thick, featuring stiffening ribs and diameter holes for mechanical anchoring to the ground, if required;□ variable-length pipe based on the height of the floor, tightly pressed into the pedestal, available in the following versions;− outside diameter 24mm, 2mm thick;− outside diameter 26mm, 3mm thick;□ M20 threaded bar, firmly fixed to the head and featuring an M20x10mm nut for locking at the final height;□ flat head measuring 120x120mm, 5mm thick, featuring radial slotted holes for positioning and fastening the stringers.

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