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APC Rack KVM switches empower IT administrators through both local and remote POST and BIOS-level access and control of connected Windows, SUN, and Linux/UNIX servers. APC Analog, CAT-5 Analog, and IP KVM switches help reduce total cost of ownership--minimizing space, hardware, electricity, and cabling by leveraging just one keyboard, monitor, and mouse for multiple servers. Improve return on investment and flexibility through enterprise-level scalability with centralized management. IT infrastructure management in data centers, computer rooms, and remote branch offices is now possible with greater control and peace of mind with APC Rack KVM switches.

Technical Details

• Access through the Web-based user interface,APC Network Access Software and APC's InfraStruXure® Central

• Support for port name assignment

• Simultaneous access on the same port (port sharing)

• Cascading with centralized port management (access and configuration)

• Programmable cycling of screens

• Support for VGA resolutions @ 75Hz

• Optional power management with APC SwitchedRack PDUs

• Cascading for hundred servers

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