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ONYX Transformers

The industry’s trusted choice As the pioneer of critical power distribution technology, Somet integration provides ONYX Power leads the way with proven solutions when it comes to high efficiency transformers. Backed by three modern US manufacturing facilities, a staff of over 300 dedicated people,and 30 years of industry experience, ONYX Power has one of the largest installed bases of high efficiency transformers among any power quality provider.

Technical Details

Maintainability An available hinged front port provides a quick and easy way to access all power connections, while optional infrared transparent
windows allow for safe routine thermal scanning without opening the interior doors.

  • kVA Ratings: 30-1000 kVA
  • K Factor: specifiable K1 through K30
  • 6 Compensation Taps (4 FCBN, 2 FCAN)
  • Input: 3-phase, 3 wire plus ground
  • Input Voltage @ 50 Hz: 415 or 380V
  • 60 Hz: 600, 480 or 208V
  • Output: 3-phase, 4 wire plus ground
  • Output Voltage @ 50 Hz: 415/240 or 380/220V
  • 60 Hz: 600, 480 or 208/120V
  • Impedance: 2.0-4.5% average ±0.25%

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