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Environmental Monitoring

Vutlan environmental monitoring:

The Vutlan environmental monitoring is an active, scalable monitoring solution
designed to monitor the environment of any device or surrounding. Vutlan delivers the industry’s most robust environmental solution
over an IP network.

Technical Details

How would you know if dust is building up inside a rack, if the
cooling system is malfunctioning, or if it’s getting too humid in the wiring
closet? You could keep each location fully staffed, but that is costly and
unrealistic for most businesses, and that still wouldn’t protect you against
human error. Or, you could keep tabs on even the most remote environments from
a single location—more efficiently than any IT technician ever could. Your best
choice is to outfit your IT environment with Vutlan protection. The system
includes a monitoring appliance, environmental sensors, color camera, and
integrated software that assesses the severity of threats and provides
notification. InfraStruXure® Central is a central station platform
(application) that can communicate with, configure, manage, archive, and
provide trend analysis on data coming from hundreds of Vutlan appliances
throughout a distributed enterprise. Users receive alarms and notification via
e-mail, phone or pager, and in the form of text messages or video clips. In
addition, third-party sensors support fuel level, glass break, gas detection,
flow rate, pressure, etc.

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