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PowerBar- BusWays

PowerBar- BusWays

The PowerWave Bus System™ is specifically designed for the critical power market by PowerBar, a leading manufacturer of critical power equipment. With over 30 years serving the data,banking, processing centers and industrial markets, PowerBar has gained an unmatched level of expertise in the development of reliable products for critical power facilities. Through this extensive background and experience, we know that up time
and clean power are critical to our customers and the customers these facilities serve.

Technical Details

Busway systems have been available for years. Most systems applied
to the data center are mere adaptations of industrial or commercial systems that have not been designed for critical power loads. Now, PowerBar has created a robust, elegant bus
system designed specifically for critical power and data center installations.The PowerWave Bus System™ with Toughrail Technology™offers a complete line of fully compatible, continuous opening plug-in busway with all the required fittings to complete your job.The
PowerWave Bus System™is a flexible, easy to install, highly efficient structured busway that safely distributes power for any critical power, industrial, or commercial application. PowerWave Structured Bus™ is a continuous plug-in style rail rated at 160–800 amps with plated copper conductor and contacts. The patented PowerWave Toughrail Technology™ systems are available in the following configurations:

• three-pole and four-pole

•optional 150% fully rated neutral

• optional 100% rated isolated ground

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